East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) has 1 campus: Xuhui Campus . The accommodation fee range is from 50.00 day/room to 140.00 day/room. You can book different types of rooms in East China University of Science and Technology online on CUCAS easily.

ECUST has three campuses at present, located respectively in Xuhui District, Fengxian District and Jinshan District. Dormitory for International Students is in Xuhui Campus. Most of rooms are single-bed. And all the rooms are equipped with individual bathroom, air conditioner, refrigerator, internet access, bedding sets, etc. Each dormitory building has public laundry rooms and kitchens. Daily accommodation fee for each student can possibly range from 60 to 75 Yuan on average.

Xuhui Campus

· Book in advance by online application

· Rent outside campus is allowed.

· Offer 24 hour check-in service.

· Three days check-in before semester begins is allowed.

· Hotel in campus: No.

· Pay by semester.

· Check-in before semester begins.

· Tuition and accommodation fee can be paid by cash or UnionPay cards. Other expenses should be paid by cash.

Xuhui Campus is at 130 Meilong Road. It has one International Students’ Building accommodating around 500 students.

All enrolled international students will be given the possibility to be housed on campus for the entire semester at least.

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*The last updated time was on: Mar 19, 2024

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